How to be prepared for a moving company?

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Moving out of a home, apartment or office and relocating to another region, requires a joint effort of both clients and our professional staff. Although we cater for all of your moving needs, there is still a bit of fine tuning that must be done by all clients. At Mississauga Movers, we have decided to share a few basic tips on how to prepare for us prior to our arrival at your doorstep. These tips would remarkably reduce the downtime associated with office moves, as well as the overall moving time for regular relocations.

Initiation of the moving phase

During the first part of the moving stage, we highly recommend that you fill us in on all the requisite details of your possessions to be moved. Don’t forget to take in to consideration certain outside furniture or patio accessories. The information that you give to us remains strictly confidential and would only be used to make preparations for storage and trucking facilities. It is also advisable that you begin to disconnect all your appliances before hand and arrange them in the format in which they would be categorized for storage. Electronic devices with screens can be placed back into their initial protective boxes, if available. Always ensure that liquids and potentially dangerous chemicals are carefully sealed and labeled.

During and after the moving phase

Ensure that you carry a mobile phone or any method of communication with you, in case our staff at Mississauga Movers would require your prompt response. Always ensure that you carry all of your personal documents and paperwork with you and that they are not deeply packed away in any of our storage compartments. After all, moving should not infer “boxing up” your ID cards! Ensure that an adult is present at the final destination.

We care about you possessions as much as you do !!!


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